Senior Women




Develop grassroots football through the encouragement of children’s participation in football activities, both in school and as an extracurricular activity.

Provide equal opportunity and access to football for as many girls and women as possible at the club and across the Gold Coast.

Provide opportunities to play at all levels and ages, from social to competitive and junior, senior and 35+ age groups.

Encourage a lifelong engagement in football leading to a healthier lifestyle through sport.

Provide and enhance opportunities for girls and women in football, including coach education, referee education and leadership and mentoring opportunities.

Provide quality coaching in an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Increase the promotion of all aspects of women’s football now and moving into the future.


Full training Mondays & Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm

Venue: Broadbeach United Soccer Club, Chelsea Ave, Broadbeach

After a successful Pre Christmas – Pre season camp and a break for the holidays we now pick up where we left off for the second stage of our Pre Season preparations

Join us in our fun, inclusive & winning environment. Broadbeach is a club that prides itself on its culture and providing all young girls and women the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game in an inclusive and equal environment.

For more information contact

or Elana Heyes directly on

All players welcome. 

Join us for 2020 season !


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Promote your business here whilst giving back to the community !

We have many opportunities for businesses or individuals to assist the club with the ability to keep providing a place for all girls & women to enjoy playing football and help continue to build the women’s program here at Broadbeach United.

Our aim is to provide a pathway for all young aspiring footballers to follow their dreams and reach for the stars and all those that just love playing the game to keep enjoying it.

Contact the Women’s Director, Elana on for more information.